miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2008

Independent work No. 9

Write the 4th paragraph (recommendation) of your movie/book review.

I can thoroughly recommend it is that this movie is very good, because it proves to be different scenes where the protagonist suffers but at the same time he has a good time for the need to kill. Besides because the movie tells us that all the men we have double face, one that we show and an other that we want to conceal

Independent work No. 8

Write a well structured background paragraph for your movie or book review:

Mr. Brooks is a movie of suspense that surprises the public from de first moment. This movie tells the history of a businessman with a special family, he seemingly is the perfect man; nevertheless besides this appearance there exist an insatiable serial killer.

He acts for impulse but he does not improvise anything of what he does to satisfy his excitation of killing, but unfortunately there exist a detective who follows the track, because of it he must fight against if same to attack his impulses and at the same time to continue feigning the image of perfect man.

Nevertheless to sorrow that he wants to conceal his need to kill, his another face forces it discreet, Mr. Brooks is a delicate, careful, scrupulous, calculating and ambitious personage, who does not leave any track And it will be very difficult that the detective finds it, though she already knows all his steps and the ways of killing of the gentleman Brooks.

The climax of the movie is when the daughter of the gentleman Brooks comes from trip and unfortunately the police she searches because she killed his partner of class. She has the same won to kill whit his parent

Independent work No. 7

1. Write the plot of the movie or book you chose to review. Remember present simple should be used.
2. Investigate the director/writer, awards, cast/characters, genre and relevant information about the movie/book you are to review.


Mr. Brooks is a successful businessman a generous philanthropist, a loving father and developed husband, seemingly he's perfect, but Mr. Brooks has a secret. He is an insatiable serial killer.

The movie is winner: Academy Awards Winner Kevin Costner.
Release date: june 1st 2007
director: Bruce A. Evans
Writer: Breuce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon

Kevin Costner - Mr. Earl BrooksDemi Moore - Detective Tracy AtwoodDane Cook - Mr. Smith/Mr. BaffordWilliam Hurt - MarshallMarg Helgenberger - Emma BrooksRuben Santiago-Hudson - HawkinsDanielle Panabaker - Jane BrooksAisha Hinds - Nancy HartLindsay Crouse - Captain ListerJason Lewis - Jesse VialoReiko Aylesworth - SheilaMatt Schulze - Thornton MeeksYasmine Delawari - SundayTraci Dinwiddie - Sarah Leave.

martes, 26 de agosto de 2008

Independent work No. 5

Check the information on the uses of "have" on page 12 in your books and prepare answers for questions in exercise 4.

1, how often do you do the things in the 'take' part of the diagram?
2, what time do you have tha things in the 'eat' and drink section?
3, which of the illnesses and injuries have you had?
4, which of the things in the 'posses' part of the diagram have you got?


1, usually how long it to take a shower?
2, what hours to take the bus in the morning?
3, do you drink coffe in the morning? how many
4, you have been in the hospital?


1, usuallu i breackfast in the morning, lunch at noon and at nigh dinner. the weekends i go out with my friends and i drink anithing
2, i have not any serius illness, but somethimes i have headaches and coulds
3, i have got brown hair, but i don't have a nwe car.

viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008

Independent work No. 3

1. boss: the boss is very attentive to its employees
2. cousin: my cousin this very in love with my best friend
3. headteacher: the headteacher of the college resigned last week
4. neighbor: my neighbors are too noisy, is because they are 'conteños'?
5. relatives: my relatives will be a meeting to celebrate the marriage of my cousin
6. aunt: my aunt is very angry
7. classmate: the teacher is proud to classmate because we are very responsible
8. exgirlfiend: my exgirlfiend is coming out with my best friend
9. husband: my husband is very polite with others
10. nice: when I'm with you is very nice
11. slepmother: I do not have stepmother
12. bestfriend: i love my bestfriend
13. colleague: I have many colleagues at my university
14. parent: in the last vacations I go to miami with my parents
13. stranger: I can not talk to strangers

the incorrect sentences


1. the documents / print: the documents ore pinted
2. he opens the door: the door is opened by him
3. the window / open: the window is opened
4. my house is (paint) every day: my house is painted every day


1. she sang a song: a song was sang by her
2. somebody hit me: I was hit by somebody
3. we stopped the bus: the bus was stopped by us
4. a thief stole my car: my car was stolen by a thief


1. I was late for wprk because I had missed the bus
2. we lived in the house that my father had built
3. we admired the picture that lucy had painted
4. the teacher corrected the test that the pupils had written